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Participating in a technical committee

If you don't want to leave standards development to other parties (including your competitors), you can actively participate in a technical committee and contribute to the final standard. 

Standardisation is a complex process of consensus decision-making. Your constructive contribution can influence but by definition not predict the outcome. It is wise, therefore, to ask yourself some pertinent questions like these:

  • What expertise do I bring to this particular subject in view of my company strategy?
  • Who are the other players in this matter?
  • How real is the influence I can exert on behalf of my company, and where specifically can I add value?
  • What is the exact investment of time and money involved?
  • What precisely do I hope to achieve within the context of this standard?

Assessing the knowledgeability and agenda of the other players sheds some light on your chances of exerting real influence in the committee and weighing on the documents drafted.

Also make sure you speak on behalf of a significant following and are able to advocate your viewpoint with sufficient credibility and reasoning

To conclude, it is essential that your contribution be verifiable. Standards debate should consist of measurable and concrete boundaries, conditions, facts, tests, criteria etc. Feelings and opinions are impossible to verify and therefore unacceptable as arguments to your fellow committee members. 

Questions like these clearly require some internal debate first. Should you wish to do so in the most informed way, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you consider active participation in one or more technical committees.