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Webstore info

In the webstore, the BEC offers you national and international publications containing standards in the fields of electrotechnics and electronics. 

Before purchasing a publication, you can - by appointment - consult the publication at the BEC. Please find our contact details here

What does the BEC webstore offer?

After you have registered and provided your personal data, the BEC webstore enables you to purchase the following standard-related publications:

  • standards (Belgian, European and international)
  • technical notes
  • guides
  • specifications

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To purchase publications, you need to be a registered user of the BEC website. Registration is very simple and can be done here

Purchase your standard electronically: it's quick and efficient!
The BEC webstore enables you to electronically purchase a standard quickly and efficiently. Simply go through the purchasing process and download your standards immediately after, or have the publication sent to you by regular mail (in case it is only available in paper form). 

More info? How to purchase ?

Electronic vs. paper publications
In the webstore, the BEC offers both electronic and paper publications. Documents avaliable electronically can be downloaded immediately upon purchase. Documents only available in paper form are mailed to you at your registered postal address.