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About BEC

The BEC (Belgian Electrotechnical Committee npo) is a neutral and independent standardisation platform for electrotechnics and electronics in Belgium. 

All BEC activities and services are performed in compliance with national, European and international standardisation procedures and in concertation with the relevant national, European and international standardisation bodies. 

Standardisation in Belgium is covered by the Standardisation Act of 3 April 2003, recently amended by the Act of 28 February 2013 introducing the Code on economic law.

The BEC ensures

that Belgian interests are represented at the European and international level

The BEC ensures that the voice of Belgian interests (companies, government bodies, organisations, consumers) is heard in Belgium, Europe and around the world. The BEC facilitates technical committees in Belgium where stakeholders reach consensus on new or to be renewed standardisation topics. The Belgian consensus is then defended by the BEC through its mandataries in the European and international electrotechnical committees, each of which monitors a specific market domain. 

In some cases and when requested by industry, the BEC holds the secretariat and/or chairmanship of CENELEC and IEC Technical Committees. A list of those cases can be found here.

that European and international electrotechnical and electronic standards are implemented at the Belgian level

The BEC publishes and distributes European and international standards in the Belgian market. The BEC offers its know-how and experience in a number of ways and provides ready-to-use standardisation documents to stakeholders active in Belgium within the domain of electrotechnics and electronics. 

Below you can find the current national work programme of the CEB-BEC, as well as the list of European draft standards that are/will be undergoing public enquiry:

CEB-BEC latest work programme 

CENELEC latest public enquiries

IEC latest public enquiries

In addition, and as required by Regulation 1025/2012 on European Standardisation, you can find a report on CEB-BEC and its relation to SME's.

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