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What customers say:
case studies in electrotechnics and electronics

This website explains in some detail what the BEC stands for and what standardisation can do for you. But isn't it fitting to let some customers speak for themselves?

Below you will learn how various companies and organsiations got actively involved in standardisation and what benefits they are reaping from their involvement. 

What companies say

    Yves de Coorebyter,

    Yves de Coorebyter,

    FEE (Federatie van de Elektriciteit en Elektronica)
    "Technological revolution cannot exist without standardisation."

    Yves de Coorebyter,

    Sigrid Jacobs,

    "Standardisation makes it possible to learn from your competitors how to develop certain products, to collaborate with them and to create new synergies together."

    Yves de Coorebyter,

    Pierre Gérin,

    “Consumer benefits of electrotechnical standardisation include product safety and quality.”

    Yves de Coorebyter,

    Norbert Anselmann,

    European Commission
    "European standardisation is one of the tools to help the EU provide market access to companies in Europe and abroad."

    Yves de Coorebyter,

    Martin Dieryckx,

    "Thanks to standardisation we can communicate with our engineer-developers about specifications and requirements for new products."

    Yves de Coorebyter,

    Luc Jonckheere,

    "Standardisation makes it possible to protect consumers against health, security and environment risks."

    Yves de Coorebyter,

    Hervé Breulet,

    ISSeP (Institut scientifique de service public)
    "Our organisation is involved with standardisation at every level, both in the application of standards and in development and research."

    Yves de Coorebyter,

    Dirk van der Linden,

    Artesis University College of Antwerp
    "Electrotechnical standards create employment opportunities for engineering students."

    Yves de Coorebyter,

    Dany Sturtewagen,

    Niko Group
    "Companies can influence the development of electrotechnical standards"

    Yves de Coorebyter,

    Daniel Daems,

    Tyco Electronics
    "Electronical standards are used as a reference in product comparisons."