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What in fact does the BEC do for you?

The BEC facilitates
The BEC publishes and offers for sale
The BEC advises

The BEC facilitates

Under BEC guidance, an initiative for standardisation (requested by the market) becomes a published and broadly applied standard. 

As an organisation, the BEC is an independent and neutral partner in this process. From our experience and expertise, we guide technical committtees towards consensus about a new standard. This process consists practically of electronic correspondence and a series of working meetings (presided over by an elected comittee expert). The BEC also provides the required meeting infrastructure. 

How are standards developed?

After approval and publication, and in response to market demand, the BEC organises seminars and/or courses to stimulate the standard's (correct) application.

The experts active within the BEC also draft what are called technical notes. A technical note is either a national pre-standardisation document pending the standardisation process as such, or an explanatory document provided for support after publication of the standard(s). 

The BEC publishes and offers for sale

The finally approved standard is published on the BEC website and can be purchased by stakeholders through our electronic webshop, from anywhere, around the clock. 

The BEC and NBN ensure all stakeholders are informed of new standards through mailings, announcements in specialised media etc.

More on our electronic webshop.

The BEC advises

With 100 years of standardisation experience, the BEC has truly become a centre of expertise, ideally suited to advise interested parties and standards users. Participating in a technical committee is therefore an excellent way to expand and share your technical know-how. You will also acquire a clear view of how technical criteria evolved throughout the standard proposals and of their technical grounds and justification. 

The BEC also has a number of technical desks active in certain subdomains. They will answer any and every question that may come up within a technical committee's domain. 

Simultaneously, the BEC is a national helpdesk for all standardisation activity within the electrotechnics and electronics domain. By appointment, you may come and consult our extensive library of electrotechnical standards free of charge.