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Versatility: a fitting visual expression of the BEC

You will come across this composite image throughout the BEC communication: it is our central image, our visual marker to the outside world. 
The image expresses above all the versatility of standard application. Electrotechnical standards are all around us, as this website will tell you (see "what is a standard"). 

Standards are all around... and so is the BEC

An operator like the BEC is all around, wherever electrotechnical standards are needed or defined. Whatever your business activity, if it falls within the domain of electrotechnics and electronics, count on the BEC for expertise, guidance and advice. 


Versatility is also the keyword in the many benefits realised through standardisation. As a company, a consumer or a government body you will find a whole range of good reasons to apply standards. And why not help shape tomorrow's standards? It's all within your reach. This website will gladly get you started (see "standard development"). 
By the way, did you spot the young children in our corporate image? They are the citizens in a society pervaded by electrotechnics, where safety is of crucial importance. A good reason to appreciate standards if ever there was one. 

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